My Breast Cancer Story and Pink Charms to support Breast Cancer Pink October 2015 by Glamulet #GlamuletPinkOctober

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In March of 2010 (on my birthday) I went in for a mammogram.  By the time I left, I had a second set of images taken and then a biopsy. The tests showed I had aggressive HER-2 breast cancer. Because of the gene I was diagnosed with, I opted for a double mastectomy.  

On a study, I received two different types of chemo on the same day and every few weeks another treatment.  Since I was at the treatment center almost all day when I had treatments, I got to talk to a lot of other cancer patients.  I was able to hear their stories and was amazed at far they had come. It has been 5 years and I am doing well thanks to advances in treatment. Doctors and patients have more information and hope than ever before, but more women are being diagnosed every day.
The more information you have, the better decisions you can make about care. Don't put off tests that can save your life. Early detection is essential.  Breast cancer is devastating, not only to the person diagnosed, but to their family and friends.  

Glamulet is a jewelry brand that specializes in beautiful charms for every woman.  They are working tirelessly to help prevent breast cancer. Pink limited edition charms were created to promote breast cancer awareness. You can help in this wonderful endeavor.  For every pink limited edition charm you purchase through Glamulet, they will generously donate 50% of the sale to a charity fund for breast cancer.  See more about Glamulet's breast cancer awareness campaign at

Glamulet's beautiful pink charms are a reminder that more still needs to be done to prevent and treat breast cancer.  

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Autumn Gold Glitter iPhone 6 plus case giveaway #case

Looking For A Little Bling For Your iPhone 6 Phone?

Autumn is here and to celebrate Lisa's Free Stuff is giving away a gold glitter iPhone 6 Plus case!
What girl doesn't want a little bling in their life. This stunning glitter case fits the iPhone 6 Plus (5.5 inch).  It is a simple snap-on hard shell case.  It is designed to give full access to all buttons, sensors and ports.  

Enter the Autumn Gold Glitter iPhone 6 Plus Case giveaway today! Can't wait? You can purchase this case on Amazon HERE.

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Best Portable Bluetooth Outdoor/Waterproof Speaker Review #AYLSoundFitWaterproofBluetoothSpeaker

Looking For The Best Portable 

Waterproof Speaker?

I was so surprised at the big sound coming out of this portable speaker.  With 5 watts of power, the sound is blended with awesome bass.  
It pairs quickly and easily to Bluetooth devices.  I have an inexpensive Android phone and had no problems pairing it to the speaker.
The speaker controls are on the top of the speaker. You can turn it on and off, pause and play, and even answer your phone.  

On one side is a auxiliary in and USB port.
There is a rubber tab that rotates to open.   Be sure to close when you are done to keep water out.
Included are a USB charging cord and auxiliary cord to attach your favorite device.  

I like to listen to music outside.  Since it is a large square speaker, you can set it almost anywhere.  It has a thick rubber handle so it won't slip out of your hand. There is a threaded opening at the bottom.  We put the speaker on a tripod which worked beautifully. The tripod set the speaker up higher so we could have it by our fire pit.  
Since the AYL speaker can handle moisture, I don't have to worry about ruining it outside if the weather isn't ideal.  It is also perfect for the shower.  

The AYL speaker takes about 4 hours to charge and the charge lasts much longer (10-12 hours) compared to my other Bluetooth speakers.

The AYL portable waterproof speaker has everything I want at a great price.

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Berry Sleepy Natural Sleep Aid Review #FruitForSleep

Get To Sleep Naturally With Berry Sleepy

I don't always sleep well, but don't like taking chemicals to help me sleep.  I was excited to try Berry Sleepy because of it's natural ingredients.
I have been using Berry Sleepy for a few weeks now and it really helps me get to sleep quickly.  I love that it is 100% natural and certified vegan. It is also non-addictive.  

Berry Sleepy is a proprietary blend of three super fruits that are proven to induce sleep.  Passion fruit contains serotonin, a mild sedative perfect for helping you get to sleep.  Goji berries have a blend of magnesium and thiamine for quality rest. Tart cherries contain melatonin to help you stay asleep. I fall asleep, stay asleep and wake refreshed.
It is a nice sized bottle with a flip-top lid.  The capsules are easy to swallow and do not leave any after taste.  I have more energy during the day with a good night's rest.

As with all supplements, consult your doctor before taking.

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Power Pearl PROBIOTIC: Micro Pearl, Macro Power Review #WellStateProbiotic

Don't Always Eat Like You Should?

I don't always eat healthy like I should and sometimes my digestive system needs a little boost. The Power Pearl Probiotic Macro Pearl - Macro Power is just what I need.
I have tried capsules, but they either start to work too soon or too late.  If they work too fast, they do not reach far enough in the digestive system and can also make you uncomfortable.  If they work too late, then they may not help at all.  The Power Pearl Probiotic is an easy to swallow, small pill that is time-released so it dissolves evenly.  
The bottle has a nice shaker opening so you can easily get the right dosage.  The lid snaps shut tightly an no more misplacing the lid.  

Power Pearl's Proprietary Probiotic blend of 5 billion CFU per pearl contains Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus Plantarum, Lactobacillus fermentum, Bifidobacterium lactis, and Bifidobacterium infantis plus 25 mg of Prebiotic Fructooligosaccharise (FOS). In addition, our pearls are vegetarian and contain ZERO sugar, preservatives, GMO, nuts, wheat, gluten, lactose, chemicals, yeast, soy, iron, artificial colors.

Power Pearl Probiotics have really helped to regulate my digestive system without bad side effects.  This is definitely my go-to probiotic!

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CAPTIVE Book and #FollowYourPurpose Review & Giveaway

Held Hostage In Her Own Apartment

From the very beginning, the true story Captive grabbed my attention.  Ashley was like a lot of people, broken and on the wrong path. She was held hostage in her apartment by Brian Nichols who had just committed horrible acts of violence and was on the run.  

See the movie in theaters starting September 18th!

You can purchase the paperback, Kindle or audio book on Amazon by clicking here.

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Audiosharp AS1218 In-Ear Headphones with Mic Review #Audiosharp

Hear Every Note Without Missing A Phone Call

Not only does the Audiosharp AS1218 In-Ear Headphones look amazing, they also sound amazing!
These Audiosharp in-ear headphones have a metal textured housing for crisp, clear sound.   It has an audio sensitivity of  116db, frequency response range of 7 - 31000 HZ and impedance of 16 ohm.
The cable is four feet of oxygen-free copper.  
The Audiosharp AS1218 in-ear headphones have a built-in mic so you can receive phone calls with good clarity.  
The plug is gold plated for better connectivity.  It also is angled which I prefer because there is less chance of the cord getting caught and pulling out.
The Audiosharp in-ear headphones even come with a quality zippered case to store them.  Also included are a set of Pro Noise isolating ear tips so you don't have background noise while enjoying your music.  

These in-ear headphones have exceptional sound. When I listen to music, I want to hear every individual instrument and voice and these headphones are amazing.  

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Imagine You Died, Went To Heaven

 And Then Came Back

90 Minutes in Heaven is the true story of Pastor Don Piper's death and life.  He died January 18, 1989 when a semi crushed his car.  He was declared dead by the first rescue workers to arrive on the scene.  Don's body lay under a tarp for the next 90 minutes.  His soul, meanwhile was in heaven. He experienced love, joy and life like he'd never known.  When another pastor's prayers helped bring Don back to life, he became a living miracle.  Yet, this is one miracle Don wished had never happen.  He was in terrible physical and emotional pain.  With support from his family and friends, he fights to overcome extreme challenges.

Starring Hayden Christensen and Kate Bosworth, 90 Minutes In Heaven is based on the New York Times best-selling book that has sold 7 million copies. Hope Lives.  See 90 Minutes In Heaven in theaters beginning September 11!  

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Camtrek Pro DSLR-8CXi Camera Bag Sling Backpack Review

Looking For A Convenient Way To Transport Your Camera Equipment? 

The Camtrek Pro DSLR-8CXi Camera Bag Sling Backpack is designed for when you don't need to carry your entire kit, but just want to go out and take photos.

The Camtrek Pro camera bag has padded compartments for your camera, lenses or flash.  
The design was inspired in Middle Earth, New Zealand by adventure photographers.  I have several camera bags and the Camtrek Pro camera bag fits everything I need comfortably. This is definitely my go-to-bag!

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AW Fashion's Stand Back I am Gonna Try Science Funny Geek Men's T-Shirt Review #StandBack

Looking For That Perfect Humorous T-shirt?

If you are a science geek, then this is the shirt for you!  The AW Fashion's Stand Back I am Gonna Try Science Men's T-Shirt is a fun way to let everyone know that you know science, but they may want to back up just in case.
The t-shirt comes in black, navy, red and royal blue.  Sizes run from small to XXL.  I ordered this t-shirt for my husband in an XL red.  The t-shirt fits him perfectly.  The neck and arm openings are nice and wide.  

The print and t-shirt material are high quality. The t-shirt's seams are smooth and stitched well. After washing, the print was just as clear as before and the red color did not fade.  My husband wore the t-shirt recently to the movie theater and got a lot of compliments while waiting in line.  I love humorous t-shirts and this is top on my list.  This t-shirt would make a great gift for a college student or that friend who make you nervous to walk in their garage.  

I received this product for free or reduced price in exchange for my unbiased review without compensation. 

DKnight Magicbox II Bluetooth Speaker Review #DKnightMagicboxIIWirelessBluetoothSpeaker

Big Sound From A Compact Speaker

The DKnight Magicbox II Bluetooth Speaker is only 6 x 2 x 1.6 inches, but implemented with 10W total acoustic drivers and enhanced passive radiator.  I am amazed at the sound.  I have much larger speakers that aren't near as loud and clear as this speaker.  The bass is amazing.  A lot of bluetooth speakers don't have the power of  wired speakers.  This is definitely not the case with the DKnight Magicbox II!  It has a nice blended sound with added bass.   
The speaker charges pretty quickly with the USB cord that is included.  It was very easy to pair with my Android phone.  

The DKnight Magicbox II bluetooth speaker is equipped with the advanced Bluetooth 4.0 technology, compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices (Bluetooth V2.1 and over).  I have an Android phone and was easily able to pair it to the device. 
The DKnight Magicbox can also play non-bluetooth devices through the 3.5mm auxillary jack with the audio cord.   I have a lot of music on my mp3 player and love this option.  
Because of the powerful bass in this compact speaker, there is a soft bass pad to keep speaker from vibrating across a surface.  I don't even use any other house speakers after using the Dknight Magic Box II.  I can even answer my phone through the speaker.  It makes a special sound when you have a phone call so you can enjoy your music and never miss a call.

I received this product for free or reduced price in exchange for my unbiased review without compensation.