Retinol Cream From Majestic Pure #mpretinol

Bring Back Your Youthful Appearance

The Majestic Pure Retinol Cream is a combination of retinol and other ingredients that moisturize your skin.  
 This is a nice sized jar with a pump applicator.  I just press lightly on the top disc and the moisturizer is expelled through a hole in the middle.  The amount of downward pressure exerted determines how much of the moisturizer is pumped.  
I prefer this type of applicator instead of a tall pump bottle.  It will not clog at the opening like some other methods.  
The Majestic Pure Retinol Moisturizer diminishes fine lines, lightens blemishes and age spots. Retinol is also effective at managing acne and eczema.  It can be used twice a day if necessary.  If you use the moisturizer during the day, sunblock is highly recommended because of the retinol.  You can adjust how often you use it according to your skin type.
Here is a complete list of ingredients
The Majestic Pure Retinol Cream can help bring back moisture and elasticity to your skin.  I have been using this moisturizer for almost a month and can already see the results.  You can purchase retinol cream from Majestic Pure on Amazon HERE
I received this cream at a discount or at no cost and feedback is based on my first-hand usage of the product. #mpretinol

Backseat Car Organizer - Kids Toy Storage #backseat

Looking For A Way To Organize Everything In Your Car?

If you are a Mom with small children it seems your backseat is always cluttered.  The Backseat Car Organizer keeps everything neat and organized. 

How many times have you looked at the clutter in your car, van or SUV and thought I really need to clean this mess.  Then you talk yourself out it because you have too many things to do and places to be.  
I love the large pouch at the top.  It holds a full pack of baby wipes. There are large pockets with smaller mesh pockets in front of the pockets.  On the side is a large mesh pocket that can fit a water bottle, baby bottle or sippy cup. There is a loop that can hold a pacifier so it stays clean and handy to grab.

As an extra bonus, a nice sun visor organizer is included.  It is a great place to store paperwork or sunglasses.  There is an elastic loop at the top to keep pens close.  

With the backseat car organizer and visor organizer you can have everything you need neatly within reach. I am all for anything that makes life easier! 

I received this organizer at no cost and feedback is based on my first-hand usage of the product. #backseat

ViewTV Flat HD Digital Indoor TV Antenna - 25 Miles Range Review #tvantenna

Tired Of Paying For Cable?

I live near a communications radar tower and have tried several TV antennas with no lucky.  The ViewTV Flat HD Digital Indoor TV Antenna is the first digital antenna that has gotten more than one channel.

For my TV, I just attached the cable directly to the back where a cable cord would go. Then I went to the settings and scanned for channels.  If you have never used a TV antenna you aim it at the direction of a signal tower.  You can either look at the list or just turn it different directions to pick up different channels.  
Just pointed in one direction, I was able to get a number of channels that I really wanted along with some other new channels that I really like. On other antennas that I tried, I was lucky if I got one clear picture.  The picture with this antenna was very clear.  I just used the stand and put it on my windowsill facing outside.  The antenna is thin enough that I could close my blinds with the antenna between the window and blinds.  
I can turn the antenna if I need to, but for me I have plenty of good channels to watch so I have left mine in the same position.  If you turn it in a completely different direction you should rescan channels so it picks up the new channels. There is a gel pad that you can use to secure it in place.
This antenna has the reach and strength that I need to watch a number of channels.  I did not have any problem with interrupting signals.  I have been using this antenna for a few weeks and am happy that I finally have a lot of channels to watch. 
You can purchase your ViewTV HD Digital Indoor Antenna on Amazon HERE.

I received this digital TV antenna at no cost and feedback is based on my first-hand usage of the product. #tvantenna

Happy Flag Day June 14, 2016

I want to honor those who fought for our freedom. I took this picture of a flag in front of our bank.  It was a beautiful sunny day and the flag reminded me that freedom is never free.

Sound InTone MS200 Headphones Review

Looking For A Great Pair Of Folding Headphones?

Sound InTone MS200 Headphones are foldable headphones that are lightweight and comfortable.
I like playing video games and listening to music with these Sound InTone headphones.  I use them with my laptop and tablet.  
The earpads are very soft but conform well to my ears.  They tilt so I can get a perfect fit.  I can wear them for an extended time and even forget I have them on.  They are noise isolating so I do not get distracted by sounds around me.  The headband is softly padded and adjustable. 
The Sound InTone headphones have a braided cord which is my favorite.  It doesn't tangle and is less likely to get a short.

I love that they fold for storage so they they take up less space.  
The sound is great for gaming and listening to music.  I was very impressed with the high quality, especially for the low selling price.  They are perfect for every day use.  

You can purchase the Sound InTone MS200 Headphones HERE on Amazon.

I received these headphones at no cost and feedback is based on my first-hand usage of the product  #headphones

Sterline Counter Top Water Flosser Review #Sterline

Deep Clean Your Teeth

The Sterline Counter Top Water Flosser deep cleans your teeth.  It has powerful pulsation at 1,400 pulses/minute.  The water flosser goes beyond regular flossing to remove plaque and debris.  I went through years of braces as a kid so I want my teeth and gums to be healthy.
 The water flosser comes with 6 tips which include 3 standard nozzles, a tongue scraper, an orthodontic tip and a pocket tip.
  The lid is removable and opens for storage.  This is a feature that I really like.  It provides a sanitary and handy place to store the tips.  
 The Sterline water flosser has 10 different pressure settings so you can find the setting that is perfect for you.  I have sensitive teeth and gums so I have been using the lower setting.  I am gradually moving up the power settings after my teeth and gums strengthen.  My husband likes to use the higher setting.
The holder is magnetic and secures to the water flosser without slipping.  The cord stores inside a side well.  All these features keep everything neat and sanitary.  
This water flosser has a built-in timer that pauses at 30 seconds and at 60 seconds.  The pump will automatically stop at 2 minutes.

My teeth and gums are clean and healthy!  Protect your family's dental health with the Sterline counter top water flosser.  You can purchase it on Amazon HERE.

I received this water flosser at no cost and feedback is based on my first-hand usage of the product 

Solar Pool/Party Light by Terra Friendly Review #terrafriendly

 Looking To Put A Little Light In Your Life?

The Terra Friendly Solar Pool/Party Light is a beautiful white light in a blow up cube.  It is waterproof so you can use it to light up your pool or hot tube.  When not in use, it simply folds flat for storage.  There are so many uses for this light up cube.  We live in the Midwest and we can have power outages due to storms.  This is just what we needed!  The cube is easy to charge and has blue lights so you know how much charge is left.  
The Terra Friendly solar light has a convenient power/mode button on the top.  Because it is waterproof, I can take it camping and exploring. It is perfect for emergency kits, boating, weddings or a child's night light.  There is a handle on the top so it is extremely portable.  It is a very bright light and only weighs 4oz.  There are also two more modes for low light and a flashing light.  This light is very impressive and I have found all kinds of uses for it. Best of all, no batteries! No one should be without this handy solar light. You can purchase it on Amazon here.  #terrafriendly  

I received this solar light at no cost and feedback is based on my first-hand usage of the product  

Family Photo Hand Drawn As Anime #Anime #originalart

My Granddaughter, Grace, loves Anime.  She is always drawing and she decided to try drawing from a photograph.  She made two drawings.  The first is her Dad and her sister.  

A photo posted by Lisa Sheldon (@lisasfreestuff) on

The second drawing is Grace and her Dad skating.  She is an amazing artist for a 10-year-old.  I am so proud of her.

Grace picked out the photographs she wanted to draw.  These photos show how important a father is to his children.  

Classy Sassy and A Bit Bad Assy Coffee Mug Review #GotMeTipsy

Classy Sassy And A Bit Bad Assy

The Classy Sassy And A Bit Bad Assy coffee mug by Got Me Tipsy says it all!  We all know someone who fits this perfectly.  I definitely would be in this category.
The Bad Assy coffee mug is a nice sturdy cup.  The handle is firmly attached and comfortable.
This mug is a nice size at 11oz.  It holds enough coffee or tea so I do not have to keep getting up.  It is thick enough to keep my drink hot.  The Bad Assy mug is both microwave and dishwasher safe. Even after washing it multiple times, the print has not faded.  It still looks like new.

The Classy Sassy and a Bit Bad Assy comes in a nice box so it would make a wonderful gift.  This mug is sure to put a smile on everyone's face.

I received this coffee mug at no cost and feedback is based on my first-hand usage of the product #GotMeTipsy 

COR Surf Changing Towel Robe Review #corboardracks

No Place To Change At The Beach?

The COR Surf Changing Towel Robe is a long hooded robe that is absorbent and lets you change clothes discretely.  
No more hanging on to your beach towel while trying to change clothes. The COR changing towel robe is roomy with a large front pocket for your valuables. Whether you are at the beach or swimming at the pool, this robe will keep you warm and dry.  

I love this robe!  It is thick but very lightweight because it is made of microfiber.  It is well stitched and the front pocket is huge.  The COR surf changing towel robe is high quality at a low price. Change your clothes anywhere and keep your modesty intact!

I received this changing towel robe at no cost and feedback is based on my first-hand usage of the product.