Ohuhu Super Soft Microfiber Bathroom Rug Review #ohuhu #rug

Looking For A Super Soft Microfiber Rug?

When I get out of the shower, I want something absorbent and super soft under my feet.  The Ohuhu Microfiber Bathroom Rug is perfect!

The Ohuhu rug has hundreds of soft chenille microfiber fingers that absorb water and dries quickly. I have had this rug for about 3 months now and love it!

It has a non-skid backing I do not have to worry about slipping.  The rug stays in place.

The Ohuhu microfiber rug is large and measures 20" x 32". It can be machine washed in cold water and hung to dry or lay flat. 

Ohuhu Microfiber Bathroom Rug is as functional as it is beautiful.  You can purchase it HERE

I received this rug at a reduced price and my honest feedback is based on personal and thorough testing.  #Ohuhu

JEBSENS Motion Sensor LED Wall Sconce Review With Video #jebsens

A Stylish Light 

You Can Put Anywhere

There are a lot of motion sensor lights out there, but I wanted a stylish wall sconce for our stairway.  The Jebsens Luxury Aluminum Wall Sconce is just what I was looking for! 
I like that I can hang this light anywhere. It is very easy to hang also. The back plate slides off with no tools to insert the batteries.

The light is bright and illuminates my stairway making it safer.  Because it is motion activated, I do not have to keep changing the batteries.  The Jebsens motion sensor LED wall sconce is as beautiful as it is functional. If I have a power outage, I will still have light!  

You can get your Jebsens motion sensor light HERE. 

I received this light at a reduced price and my honest feedback is based on personal and thorough testing. #jebsens

Premium Gel Hot and Cold Pack Review #Orange Physio

One Gel Pack For Hot Or Cold Relief

Sometimes I over work muscles and joints which can cause pain.  Over the years I have tried both hot and cold packs.  The Orange Physio premium hot and cold pack does it all!
The Orange Physio hot and cold pack has a removable gel pack.  Complete instructions are printed right on the pack.  
One thing I really love about the pack is that it has an adjustable stretch belt.  
I can use it on my back, elbow, wrist, knee or ankle. 
The belt is soft and comfortable.  The velcro is large and really keeps the belt in place without slipping.  
I like that the pack and belt are thin enough that I can wear it under my clothes.  

From the freezer, the gel pack is very cold without being stiff.  It stays cold for over an hour.  

From the microwave, it is nice and warm and retains heat for a long time.

It is great to have a gel pack that I can wear and can be used warm or cold.  I highly recommend the Premium Gel Hot And Cold Pack by Orange Physio!

You can purchase this item HERE.

I received this hot and cold pack at a reduced price and my honest feedback is based on personal and thorough testing.

Cuteness overload - Three dogs wrestling #dogs

There is nothing cuter than three dogs playing together, except maybe four dogs or more.  


Watch Gang Box Subscription Unboxing For January #watchgang #watches

My husband loves watches and thought a monthly box subscription club would be fun.  Here is his first watch from Watch Gang which is a Breda.

How to massage your dog #cutedogs

This is my dog, Midnight.  He is a rescue dog and sometimes gets stressed.  Here is how to give a dog a massage.  As much as we enjoy a good massage, a dog loves it even more.  Midnight was the one who found my cancer first and I will forever be grateful to him.  Giving him a morning massage is a small thing I could for him.

ET-ASSIST Car Handle Bar With Bonus heavy-duty soft auto handgrip review #autoassistbar

Get In And Out Of Your Vehicle 

Quickly And Easily

Whether you or a loved one struggles to get in and out of a vehicle, the ET-ASSIST Car Handle Bar makes it easy and safe to enter/exit.
The ET-ASSIST car handle is lightweight and durable.  It can handle up to 350 weight capacity.  
The handle is made of aviation aluminum and fits securely in the car door latch.  
The tip has a built-in window breaker so it can even assist you in an emergency,
As an added bonus, a soft support handle is included.  To install, simply pull off the headrest and insert the poles into the loops at each end of the soft handle.  Then reattach the headrest. It gives added support when getting in and out of the vehicle. 

The ET-ASSIST car handle bar is great for support temporarily after surgery or an illness.  It is also sturdy enough to use daily and can give you peace of mind. The car handle bar slides in an out smoothly and is easy to store.  If you are short like me, getting in and out of a big vehicle can be difficult.  The handle bar helps pull me up and into our SUV and pickup.  It is a very handy item to have!  You can purchase it HERE.

I received this car handle bar at a reduced price and my honest feedback is based on personal and thorough testing. 

Jocripro Micro Emoji Multi-Color Charging/Data Transfer Cord #jocripro

A Cute Charging Cord That Changes Color

We all love our Emojis and the Jocripro Emoji multi-color charging cords will make you smile.
This is a charging cord as well as a data transfer cord.  It continuously changes color.  I think it is adorable!  
The charging cord is very functional and fun to watch. This would be the perfect gift for a teen or young adult.  No more boring charging cords!  

I received this charging cord at a reduced price and my honest feedback is based on personal and thorough testing.

Tamengi Beautiful Blue Mermaid Shower Curtain 72" X 72" Review #mermaid,showercurtain,bathroom

Looking For A Beautiful Shower Curtain?

The Tamengi Blue Mermaid Shower Curtain measures a large 72" x 72". They also have smaller sizes available.
I have been looking for a decorative shower curtain that would brighten up our guest bathroom.  I love full photo curtains and this is such a beautiful design. I also needed it to be functional as well.  This curtain not only looks pretty, it is waterproof and mold proof.  Another great feature of this shower curtain is that it is machine washable!
This shower curtain has metal eyelets that are securely fastened to the material.  It comes with plastic hangers so it is ready to use right out of the package.  The mermaid shower curtain is well-stitched and the colors are very vivid.  

My guest bathroom looks beautiful with the Tamengi Blue Mermaid shower curtain. There are more designs to choose from, but this one is definitely my favorite.

I received this shower curtain at a reduced price and my honest feedback is based on personal and thorough testing.

Liquid Wrench Rust Inhibitor Review With Video #LiquidWrench

Protect Metal And Prevent Corrosion

I have a squeaky door that drives me crazy.  Also I struggle with a door lock that sticks.  Liquid Wrench Rust Inhibitor is the solution to long-lasting metal protection. I used much more than I needed to because I was not expecting the inhibitor to work so fast. 

My pickup has a door lock that sticks when it is cold.  Liquid Wrench Rust Inhibitor not only loosened the lock, it also keeps it working no matter the temperature. The best way is to prevent rust in the first place.  This is the perfect product!

Liquid Wrench Rust Inhibitor is available HERE on Amazon and HERE at Walmart. 

I received this Liquid Wrench product at a free or reduced price and my honest feedback is based on personal and thorough testing.

My Masterpiece Adult Christmas Coloring Book: Magical Winter Holidays #MyMasterpieceColoring

You Are Never Too Old To Color
I love the holidays, but they can be stressful.  My Masterpiece Adult Christmas Coloring Book helps me relax!
All the pages are thick and even when using colored pencils or gel pens, the colors did not bleed through.  When using markers, I did use a piece of paper behind the page to help protect the page below. 

The designs are hand-drawn and intricate. As an extra bonus, there are 10 Christmas Kaleidoscopes to color and enjoy.

This Adult Coloring Book has helped me relax and unwind.  The Christmas designs are so much fun and have given me hours of enjoyment. Create your own masterpiece today! You can purchase My Masterpiece Adult Coloring Book HERE.

I received this book at a free or reduced price and my honest feedback is based on personal and thorough testing.

I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas Video #iwantahippopotamusforchristmas

My brother made a video awhile ago that I love to share around Christmas. Almost everyone in the video is family. I hope it makes you smile.

OxyLED LED Portable Star Pattern 3-D Lantern Review with video #OxyLED

Portable And Decorative Lantern
The OxyLED portable Lantern is a beautiful lantern with 3-D star lights.  
The OxyLED lantern uses stereoscopic technology to project a 3-D effect. There are three modes - on/off, warm white stars and colored stars.  
The top has a cut-out star design.  When the lamp is on, light will shine onto the ceiling and is just beautiful.  It is a nice size and runs on three AA batteries.  

I absolutely love this lamp. The OxyLED lantern would be perfect for holidays or even a wedding. You can purchase the OxyLED portable LED lantern HERE

I received this lantern at a reduced price and my honest feedback is based on personal and thorough testing.

CHGeek Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter Radio Adapter Receiver Review #chgeek

Upgrade Your Car Stereo 

With A Portable FM Receiver

If you are like me and do not have a great stereo system, the CHGeek Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter Radio Adapter Receiver is the perfect solution.

The first thing to do is to sync your bluetooth device with the transmitter. I had no problem getting my Android phone to recognize the device. 

Next, find an FM setting with no transmission. I only had to do this once and my phone stayed connected the entire time in use.  Because the transmitter is Bluetooth, the sound is amazing.  

Even if you are listening to music, when a call comes in you can either ignore it or press the green button on the front of the transmitter to answer the call.  There is a built-in microphone. Phone calls are crystal clear just like music. When the phone call has ended, the FM transmitter receiver will go back to whatever you were listening to.  
A wonderful feature is the double USB ports for charging.  I can charge two devices at the same time as I listen to my music.  

I had tried a different FM transmitter before, but did not like the results. I am very happy with the CHGeek wireless Bluetooth FM transmitter radio adapter receiver.  The sound is amazing and I can still answer my phone hands-free.  It works well every time I use it.

You can purchase the FM transmitter receiver HERE.

I received this transmitter at a reduced price and my honest feedback is based on personal and thorough testing.

OxyLED 3-Pack Solar Garden Light Review #oxyled

Solar Lights You Can Use All Year Round

The OxyLED 3-Pack Solar Garden Lights are bright solar lights with a butterfly design.
These lights have a switch so you can change from solid white to red, blue or green, or changing colors mode.
The OxyLED solar lights charge during the day and will stay lit for about 10 hours.  

These lights are just beautiful!  I can use them all year round with just the white lights or let them cycle through three colors.  They come with stakes that secure them to the ground so I do not have to worry about them in the wind.  

You can purchase the OxyLED 3-pack solar garden lights HERE.  #oxyled

I received these lights for free or at a reduced price and my honest feedback is based on personal and thorough testing.