Fast and Fun Personalized Craft Project

Here are my basic supplies:

Colorful scrapbook/journal sheets

Bright/foam letters to spell name

Black and white composition book
(you can also use spiral notebooks)

Stick glue or tacky glue. I used stick glue to attach the journal pages to the book. You can also use adhesive spray.

Stickers, ribbons, bookmarks, etc. Be creative.

On one, I glued a wide ribbon to the binding. On the other, I just overlapped 2 sheets. I used the same design for front and back.

You can also use a sheet with another design for the binding.

I picked up all my supplies from a dollar store or dollar aisle of the local grocery store.

What is great about this is you can personalize each book. Little girls and tweens love to see their name on anything. Also stickers and designs with the things that interest them. I had fun making these and plan on making more. They are inexpensive, fast to make and will mean a lot to the little girl who gets their personalized journal.

This is my first time posting a craft project that I made that was worth sharing. If you have any questions or ideas, please leave a comment.

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