Make A Video of Santa In Your Home!

The Santa Video REVIEW and GIVEAWAY

What is The Santa Video? allows parents to create a fun, high quality, video of Santa Claus visiting their very own home. It is so easy to use. You don't have to be a tech wizard to use it. Simply upload a picture from your home, select a Santa Clause scenario, and let the software superimpose Santa Clause right into your living room!. You have the option of streaming your video online or downloading a high quality copy to burn to dvd, edit or add to YouTube.

How It Works
Everyone gets to create their video before purchasing, which is a really neat part of the system. The video process consists of three simple steps, 1. choose a picture, 2. select a video of Santa (skit), and 3. select music (optional) - Then click "Done". The video can then be reviewed and purchased for $14.95, or $10.95 after receiving a coupon for "liking us" on Facebook. Once purchased, the user will receive the video "Instantly" by email, and they can then share the video with a unique streaming link, or download the video to share on Youtube, Facebook, or perhaps burn to DVD or edit further.

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