Dr. Pepper Wow Gift Boxes Review

I was so excited when i received this beautiful gift box!  I couldn't believe how fast the box was shipped.  My husband is a huge fan of Dr. Pepper.  As soon as I told him it was his, he had to quickly open it to see what was inside.  It has always been difficult to get him a Father's Day gift and I scored big time on this one..  The gift box has everything a man could want in a gift.  No more ties! 

The Dr. Pepper soda and treat box is an amazing assortment of  Dr. Pepper soda and sweet treats.  The Smoothest Soda & Sweetest Treats Loaded Gift Box is perfect for the Dr. Pepper lover.  I think I will sneak the Diet Dr. Pepper from hubby when he is not looking.  There is so much in this gift box and well packaged.  

I was very curious about the Dr. Pepper barbecue sauce.  My husband loves barbecue sauce,  Putting the great taste of Dr. Pepper in a barbecue sauce was a super idea.  He absolutely loved the taste!  The soda flavor doesn't overpower the barbecue flavor, it enhances it.  It is the perfect combination.
After the barbecue, we were anxious to have dessert.  Ice cream is our favorite.  We haven't had ice cream toppings for years. The Dr. Pepper Cherry Dessert Topper sounded yummy and it was.  It is a thick topping with the great Dr. Pepper cherry taste.  We were in heaven!  
Wow Gift Boxes have many other gift boxes for all occasions.  The Spa Ooh & Ahh Gift box is one example.  Any woman would love to receive this!

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PROS:  Great products and fast shipping
CONS:  Everyone wants what is in the box
Disclosure:  A free product was received for review purposes, all opinions are my own.

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