Pine Bros. Softish Throat Drops Review

It is that time of year with leaves on the ground and sore throats.  I have fall allergies and hate that little tickle in my throat.  Having a sore throat is even worse. Pine Bros.Throat Drops helps relieve throat irritations. 

I was so excited to try Pine Bros Softish Throat Drops.  I remember the name from years ago.  Yes I am that old.  The Pine Brothers sold their first batch of throat drops in 1870 (no, I'm not that old).  J. Herman Pine wanted to alleviate his own throat discomfort as well as that of his family.  He also wanted Pine Bros.Throat Drops to taste great.  They come in Wild Cherry  and Natural Honey flavor.  Get more great information on their Facebook and Twitter pages.  They have several giveaways during the year.

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