My Breast Cancer Story

I have been through a double mastectomy, several surgeries and heavy chemo for breast cancer.  I had a tumor in the right breast.  I decided to have the left breast removed because I thought it was my best option in the long run.  I am on a study with an experimental medication that causes some bad side effects.  I was diagnosed with HER-2 receptor gene.  If you have never heard of it, here is a link explaining the gene and what it does.

When I share something on my blog, it is only for the sake of sharing. I rarely post because it is difficult for me to do anymore.  Treatments and medicine make it much harder to concentrate.  I do keep up my Facebook page because it is easier to share. I am also on Twitter @lsheldon5.  If you need a retweet, let me know.  I am on Pinterest,  I understand that other bloggers need to have links that go to their page to boost page views and for sponsors.  If you have a blog giveaway, please contact me to share on the Lisa's Free Stuff Facebook page.  I would let everyone post themselves, but then you get the "free" ipad posts and other spam.  I will try to enter as many of your giveaways as I can.  I love sweepstakes!   I have been entering sweepstakes for about 20 years and it has given me many things that I could not afford to buy. If you need followers for any social network, let me know.

To make things fair for other blogs, I will not post direct links to freebies.  If you would like to share on my Facebook page, please let me know.  I have over 5,000 "likes".   I am on my laptop most of the time.

I have hope being on this study.  Unfortunately, with this type of cancer everything doctors have done is preventative.  So far, so good.  The biggest part of fighting cancer is optimism.  My favorite saying is Fight Like A Girl.  Women understand what that means.  We will do anything for our families and the people we love

I urge every woman to get a mammogram.  Even though it is uncomfortable and women put if off in their busy world, it means everything in preventing breast cancer.


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