How I Made a Photo Box For $2.00! #photobox

Do you want to take professional-looking photos for your website, but lack the money for a photo box?  

The above photo was taken in a photo box that I made for $2.00 using two pieces of presentation board from a store that sells everything for a dollar. I also use the light from my stove as a spot light.  You can make the photo box out of  poster board, but I prefer the presentation board because it is stronger.  If you wish to use poster board, there are a number of colors you can choose from.  Besides white, I also tried black presentation board, but found that it did not photograph as well as the white.

Just put one piece of presentation board or poster board on top of the stove and another against the back.  You can cut the back piece to fit.  I left mine at an angle.  The light above the stove makes a nice spot light.  You could also add more lighting on the sides. 
 Because some items you may be photographing have a reflective surface like a mirror, make sure to enlarge the picture to check for any oddities.  You don't want readers seeing you in your torn shirt and sweat pants or worse.

Experiment with different materials, positioning and lightning to get the desired effect you are looking for.  I wouldn't advise putting your children or pets on the stove photo box, only smaller items.  Just thought I needed to put a disclaimer out there.  Hope this makes your life a little easier.  

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