There Is Always Time for Ice Cream

There is something about a little voice from the backseat saying "can we have ice cream?"  It is very hard to say no.  Stopping for ice cream is a time to bond with your family.  It is hard to text when you have a delicious ice cream cone in your hand. 

I saw this sign close to my house one day and it made me smile.  When I was a kid, we would stop for ice cream, especially if Dad was driving. Dad always said yes. Of course, this sign is on the main street that I have to drive past every day.  When I hear the voice from the backseat asking for ice cream, I generally stop.  It brings back a lot of good memories and I also make new ones with my grandkids.

I hope that places like this will still be around when my grandchildren are older so they can say "I remember when Grandma used to take us for ice cream."  It is a great idea to pick a favorite place that your kids or grandkids love to go.  That way they are more likely to really talk to you and they will have great memories for years to come.  It is easy to get wrapped up in life and not take time to enjoy the simple things.  That is what kids really remember.  They remember the time you spent with them.

This is my Dad with his great-granddaughter.  He taught me to love ice cream.  When I went through chemo, ice cream was the only thing I could eat.  It is still my "comfort" food and brings back good memories.

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