Sentey 3.5mm Braided Audio Cable Review #Sentey

Looking For the Perfect Audio Cable?
The Sentey 3.4mm Braided Audio Cable has a flexible braided cord that doesn't tangle like most cords.  I replaced my old audio cable with the Sentey Audio Cable and am very happy I did.  
The entire cable is quality from end to end.  The length is a perfect length to comfortably connect to your device.  The Sentey audio cable has gold plated beveled connectors that are resistant against corrosion. I found that they easily glide in and out without catching.  The cord is a 3 foot braided cable so it will not twist and short out. It is flexible, but strong and it will not fray.  

It is such a beautiful looking audio cable you will want to show it off.  It sounds as nice as it looks. What kind of audio cable you use is very important.  The Sentey cable is a high quality cable from end to end.  It is definitely made to last. It's sound is crisp and clear, comparable to bluetooth.  Because of the 3.5mm size connection, it fits a number of my devices.  This is by far the best audio cable I have ever used. 

I received this product with no compensation in exchange for my honest and unbiased feedback. 

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