One More Round Movie Review #onemoreround

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The Movie One More Round is the story about a man who has always felt like he just didn't measure up.  Jake (Tommy Lee Thomas) was once a boxer with great potential, but he just didn't have confidence in his abilities.  He put that life behind him to work a sales job and support his family.  Jake has a meddling mother-in-law who causes friction in their marriage.  It doesn't help that she sees Brock (Jeremy London) who is very successful and shows an interest in his wife. On top of everything, he has problems with his boss and is in danger of losing their home.  Jake gets the emotional support he needs to return to the ring from Billy (Kevin Sorbo) and his trainer (Franco Columbu).  It's time to fight for his family and his marriage.  Will he make it One More Round?
What I love about the movie is that anyone can relate to the feeling that we disappoint the people we love and even God.  It shows us that fear and doubt can hold us back.  Sometimes you just need to be a counter puncher and go One More Round.

One More Round is available on Amazon at  The DVD is being released on June 16th, but you can preorder the movie and it will be shipped on the release date.  

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