Nubee® 16.4ft Strip light 300LEDs + 44Key IR Remote Controller Review #WaterproofLEDKey

Put On Your Own Light Show!

The Nubee 16.4 foot strip light color changing LED lighting strip kit has everything you need to add color and light to any room.  
The kit includes a 60 watt power supply, an IR control box, waterproof LED strip light and a 44 key remote control.  
Setting up the system was pretty simple.  When connecting the two plugs, make sure the arrows on the plugs are on the same side and across from each other. Also, the color sensor is small and the remote must be aimed at it directly.  The colors change easily with the remote when aimed properly.  
The LED lights are nice and bright.  I love that there are so many color variations.  One nice feature is that it is made so you can easily add additional strips.  If you are installing these lights for long-term use, I would use light clips to keep them in place.
I have an enclosed porch and with the long length of the strip (16.5ft) it lights up beautifully.  It is fun to watch the colors change.  The LED light uses very little energy to run, so you don't have to worry about raising your electric bill.  

I received this product for free or reduced price in exchange for my unbiased review without compensation.

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