SafeTGloves Best Heat Resistant Cooking Glove Rated to 425F! #potholders

Replace Those Old Worn Out Oven Mitts 

With Silicone Gloves

SafeTGloves are BPA free and made of food grade silicone.  They are FDA approved.
Unlike oven mitts, they are waterproof and I don't have to worry about liquid spills.  The gloves are heat resistant to 425F.  I can grab a hot handle and even pull eggs out of boiling water. 
The fingers are soft and flexible.  They are roomy enough to accommodate even larger hands.  The textured design helps to grip pots and pans, handles, and hot food.  I also use them to open tight jars.  
I have replaced my oven mitts with one pair of silicone gloves.  Save yourself from burns and the hassle of oven mitts with silicone heat resistant SafeTGloves.

I received this product for free or reduced price in exchange for my unbiased review without compensation.  

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