AW Fashion's Stand Back I am Gonna Try Science Funny Geek Men's T-Shirt Review #StandBack

Looking For That Perfect Humorous T-shirt?

If you are a science geek, then this is the shirt for you!  The AW Fashion's Stand Back I am Gonna Try Science Men's T-Shirt is a fun way to let everyone know that you know science, but they may want to back up just in case.
The t-shirt comes in black, navy, red and royal blue.  Sizes run from small to XXL.  I ordered this t-shirt for my husband in an XL red.  The t-shirt fits him perfectly.  The neck and arm openings are nice and wide.  

The print and t-shirt material are high quality. The t-shirt's seams are smooth and stitched well. After washing, the print was just as clear as before and the red color did not fade.  My husband wore the t-shirt recently to the movie theater and got a lot of compliments while waiting in line.  I love humorous t-shirts and this is top on my list.  This t-shirt would make a great gift for a college student or that friend who make you nervous to walk in their garage.  

I received this product for free or reduced price in exchange for my unbiased review without compensation. 

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