Berry Sleepy Natural Sleep Aid Review #FruitForSleep

Get To Sleep Naturally With Berry Sleepy

I don't always sleep well, but don't like taking chemicals to help me sleep.  I was excited to try Berry Sleepy because of it's natural ingredients.
I have been using Berry Sleepy for a few weeks now and it really helps me get to sleep quickly.  I love that it is 100% natural and certified vegan. It is also non-addictive.  

Berry Sleepy is a proprietary blend of three super fruits that are proven to induce sleep.  Passion fruit contains serotonin, a mild sedative perfect for helping you get to sleep.  Goji berries have a blend of magnesium and thiamine for quality rest. Tart cherries contain melatonin to help you stay asleep. I fall asleep, stay asleep and wake refreshed.
It is a nice sized bottle with a flip-top lid.  The capsules are easy to swallow and do not leave any after taste.  I have more energy during the day with a good night's rest.

As with all supplements, consult your doctor before taking.

I received this product for free or reduced price in exchange for my unbiased review without compensation.

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