AYL Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Sport Headphone Review #AYLBluetoothSportHeadphone

Looking For A Wireless Sport Headphone That Keeps You Connected?

The AYL Bluetooth 4.1 Sport Headphones are wireless. I use them when I go walking or to the gym.  Even with using them daily, they have really held up well. Sweat does not even affect them.
The AYL headphones are angled for a better fit.  If you have never used this type of headphones, be sure you have the cord across the back of your neck and not in front.  You can see that they are labeled R (right) and L (left) clearly.  
There are different sized ear tips, but the smaller tips worked the best for me. The silicone loops are also in several sizes.  They are made to tuck under the ear ridge to keep the earphones in place. The loops can be adjusted by sliding them into the best position for you.  This will keep the tips in place so they do not slip out.  Once you get both the tips and loops set, you should not have to adjust them again.
The sound is exceptional for wireless headphones. Music is clear, but well blended.  You can even make and receive calls through the headphones.  I tested the call receiving feature by having my husband call me.  The music I was listening to automatically stopped and there is a specific sound alerting you. I just push the button once to answer the call.  Calls are clear through the microphone. If I want to ignore the call, I just push the button twice.  
The AYL sport headphones charge quickly with the enclosed cord.  The cord seems short, but since it plugs into a slot in the headphones, you wouldn't want it any longer.
The AYL wireless sport headphones even come with a soft drawstring storage bag.  These headphones are priced low and are comparable to higher priced sets. It is so nice to work out without a cord getting caught or earphones falling out of my ears.  Also, I never miss a phone call!

I received this product for free or reduced price in exchange for my unbiased review without compensation. #AYLBluetoothSportHeadphone

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