Rose Pruning Gloves Review #gardenproductsdirect

Love Roses But Hate Being Stuck By Thorns?

I love my roses, but hate getting scraped when pruning them.  
I have tried different gloves.  Either the thorns go through the gloves or they are too short.  
The Garden Products Direct leather garden gloves are exactly what I have been looking for! The glove section is very soft and comfortable. The extended glove section is also soft and covers the entire lower arm.
No thorns penetrate through the gloves. Not even close.  I was able to trim my roses in half the time because I didn't have to worry about being scratched by thorns.
I also have some problems with contact allergies from plants.  I can pull any weeds without getting a rash.  These gloves are very durable and they are the only gloves I use now.

I received this product for free or reduced price in exchange for my unbiased review without compensation. #gardenproductsdirect

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