Zitriom Apple Certified Lightning Charger for iPhone, iPad and iPod Review #zitriom

Looking For An Apple Certified Charging Cord?
The Zitrion iPhone Charger is Apple certified, MFi lightning cord. 
You may have noticed that some charging cords that may have worked previously, stopped working.  You may see an error message.  By using an Apple certified charging cord, you ensure that your device is being charged correctly. With the Zitriom Apple certified lightning cord, I have no error messages on my iPhone.
I like that the end is lighted so you know when you plug it in if the battery needs charging (red) or if it is fully charged (blue).  The cord is flat and I did not have any issues with it getting tangled.
The Zitriom lightning cord is thicker and more flexible than a lot of other cords. The connectors are sturdy and have held up well.  I prefer lightning cords so it doesn't take forever to charge my phone.  It is a high quality cord at a low price. I feel confident that the Zitriom lightning cord will charge my phone quickly and safely.

I was provided with this product free of charge for review and unbiased feedback based on my first-hand usage of the product.

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