Dog Training Whistle With Lanyard Review #dogwhistle

Teach Your Dog Whistle Commands

As a training whistle, you can adjust the pitch quite a bit. Every sound is audible though. If you are looking to teach your dog commands, you can adjust the pitch to whatever your dog responds to best. 
The lanyard is nice and thick and does hold the whistle firmly. It is a standard dog training whistle.  
You find the pitch that your dog responds to and use different whistle patterns for commands.

1 short whistle can mean "Come"
2 short whistles an mean "Sit"
1 long whistle can mean "Stay"

I wish this whistle had an inaudible sound, but a dog will react to a whistle if you are consistent.  

Our dog is older and the whistle didn't work for him.  I think it would be better for a puppy or young dog that you can train from the beginning.

I was provided with this product free of charge for review and feedback based on my first-hand usage of the product.

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