3-Watt Wave Effect Ripple Led Projector Lighting #danseshuiwendeng

Change A Boring Room Into A Party Room

Everyone loves a party.  With the JS Lighting 3-Watt Wave Effect LED Projector, you can have beautiful blue lights on your ceiling or walls.  
This little projector not only shines a beautiful blue light, it projects an adjustable water ripple effect.  There is a knob that can speed up or slow down the ripple effect.  The farther away the LED light is from the surface you are projecting on, the larger the area that is illuminated.  

With music, it makes for a party atmosphere.  If you slow down the ripples with slow music or without music, it makes for a very relaxing light.

I love this little projector.  It is so much fun and the kids love it!

I received this projector at a discount and feedback is based on my first-hand usage of the product.

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