Arctic Storm Cool Gel Pillow #ArcticStormCooGelPillow

Can't Sleep Because You Are Too Hot?
The Arctic Storm Cool Gel Pillow has so many uses.
The Arctic Storm pillow is much larger than the cooling mat that I had been using.  I have a bad back and this cooling mat is just what I needed. The mat covers my entire back.  If I want to use it to keep cool when I sleep, I lay it across my pillow inside my pillow case.  The cooling mat covers my entire pillow.
The cool gel pillow can be folded several times for easy storage.  I also use the folded size for a headache or sore muscles.  The pillow does not need to be refrigerated, but you can if you want it extra cool.  
The pillow is filled with a soft gel that stays cool and is very comfortable.  You can even use it for pets.  The covering is a little on the slick side.  If you have a pillow with a slippery covering, I would recommend putting the mat in a separate pillowcase to keep it stationary.  I have a memory foam pillow with a soft covering, so for me it isn't a problem.

The Arctic Storm Cool Gel Pillow has really helped my back pain and keeps me cool at night. It is such a versatile cooling pillow and it has definitely made my life easier.

I received this product at no cost and feedback is based on my first-hand usage. #ArcticStormCooGelPillow

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Brenda said...

Sounds like a useful product. I also have back pain and sometimes get hot at night. Thanks for the review.