All Weather Snow / Sun Cover Protector #MFSnowCover

Keep Your Windshield Clean And Dry 

In The Winter

The Mini-Factory Car Windshield Snow Cover Shield is 58" x 39" and covers most windshields. I have a Jeep Cherokee and it covered it well.  The size makes it very easy to place the shield and to remove it.
There are no magnets that could scratch your car. Instead, there are side flaps that go inside the car and are held in place by the door.
We recently had several inches of snow along with high winds. I thought this would be the perfect time to test the snow cover.  Since I am short, it takes me a long time to clean my windshield and even then I can't reach the middle.  
I placed my wipers underneath the cover because on my car the cover was long enough.  You could also place your windshield wipers over the top of the cover. I couldn't wait to go outside to see how clean my windshield was after the storm.  
I was very surprised at how clean my windshield was.  The cover saved me so much time and effort.
This snow cover is water resistant, so all I had to do was shake off the snow. You can see that the snow did not stick to the cover. 

I am thrilled with the Mini-Factory all weather snow cover protector.  Instead of spending a lot of time and still not being able to clean the entire windshield, I just pull off the cover and I am ready to drive away.

I received this product a discount or at no cost and feedback is based on my first-hand usage. #MFSnowCover

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