Chewfix Bitter Spray Review #chewfix

Tired Of Your Dog Chewing 

Your Favorite Shoes?

A new puppy is fun, but not when they are chewing everything but their toys. Chewfix Bitter Spray has an extremely bitter taste that deters your dog from chewing.  
Chewfix comes in an easy-to-use pump bottle so there is no waste.  You can aim it right where you need it.  Chewfix is safe and made in the USA in a professional facility.    

This is a no-sting formula.  Our dog has a problem with chewing his skin because of allergies.  Chewfix helps stop him from chewing because of the bitter taste.  I can even spray it over topical medications. Protect your dog and your property! 

I received this product a discount or at no cost and feedback is based on my first-hand usage.

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