Classic Safari Camo Pistol Rug Review #CLASSICSAFARI #SPRUGCAM

Protect Your Pistol From Dust And Scratches

My husband has an antique pistol that he does not use, but wants to keep perfect when stored.  He did not see a need for a large padded case since it never leaves the metal gun cabinet.  The Classic Safari Camo Pistol Rug is just what he has been looking for. 
 The case is 10x6x1 and weighs only 1.6 oz.  My husband's pistol is smaller and it fits perfectly.  If you have a larger pistol you may want to check length to make sure it will fit.  
The Classic Safari camo pistol rug has solid stitching and a sturdy zipper.  The inside has soft padding.  This has been perfect for storing my husband's pistol and he doesn't have to worry about damage with other items stored in the gun cabinet.  

This case is only a zippered holder and does not lock.  It is NOT childproof.  All guns should be secured with a lock and away from children. We have a double undrillable lock metal gun case. This case helps keep the value of our antique pistol and is well worth the very low price.

I received this pistol rug at no cost and feedback is based on my first-hand usage of the product. 

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