Retinol Cream From Majestic Pure #mpretinol

Bring Back Your Youthful Appearance

The Majestic Pure Retinol Cream is a combination of retinol and other ingredients that moisturize your skin.  
 This is a nice sized jar with a pump applicator.  I just press lightly on the top disc and the moisturizer is expelled through a hole in the middle.  The amount of downward pressure exerted determines how much of the moisturizer is pumped.  
I prefer this type of applicator instead of a tall pump bottle.  It will not clog at the opening like some other methods.  
The Majestic Pure Retinol Moisturizer diminishes fine lines, lightens blemishes and age spots. Retinol is also effective at managing acne and eczema.  It can be used twice a day if necessary.  If you use the moisturizer during the day, sunblock is highly recommended because of the retinol.  You can adjust how often you use it according to your skin type.
Here is a complete list of ingredients
The Majestic Pure Retinol Cream can help bring back moisture and elasticity to your skin.  I have been using this moisturizer for almost a month and can already see the results.  You can purchase retinol cream from Majestic Pure on Amazon HERE
I received this cream at a discount or at no cost and feedback is based on my first-hand usage of the product. #mpretinol

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