Sound InTone MS200 Headphones Review

Looking For A Great Pair Of Folding Headphones?

Sound InTone MS200 Headphones are foldable headphones that are lightweight and comfortable.
I like playing video games and listening to music with these Sound InTone headphones.  I use them with my laptop and tablet.  
The earpads are very soft but conform well to my ears.  They tilt so I can get a perfect fit.  I can wear them for an extended time and even forget I have them on.  They are noise isolating so I do not get distracted by sounds around me.  The headband is softly padded and adjustable. 
The Sound InTone headphones have a braided cord which is my favorite.  It doesn't tangle and is less likely to get a short.

I love that they fold for storage so they they take up less space.  
The sound is great for gaming and listening to music.  I was very impressed with the high quality, especially for the low selling price.  They are perfect for every day use.  

You can purchase the Sound InTone MS200 Headphones HERE on Amazon.

I received these headphones at no cost and feedback is based on my first-hand usage of the product  #headphones

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