AeroBon Outdoor Inflatable Lounger Review With Video

Want Outdoor Seating Anywhere?

I love the outdoors, but there is not always a comfortable place to relax.  The AeroBon outdoor inflatable lounger uses no electricity so you can quickly set it up anywhere.

We were skeptical at first as to whether or not we could inflate the AeroBon lounger.  It was surprisingly easy. The material is a nylon fabric which is light and very comfortable. We tested inflating the lounger with and without wind. There is a flexible divider in the middle. With no wind we found it was easier to fill one side and then the other.  My husband thought it was more fun to run a few feet, but we found all you really have to do is take a few steps and use a swooping motion.

There is a stake that we used to secure it to the ground, but unless it is very windy you probably would not need it.  Even as uncoordinated as we both are, we were able to inflate the lounger easily. It is very comfortable to lay or sit on, even when it is hot outside.   

What I like most about the AeroBon lounger is that no pump is needed so I can take it anywhere.  We took the lounger to the park down the river.  The park has a number of outdoor events, but no seating.  This is the perfect solution.  The only problem we have had is deciding who gets to lay on it.  We usually end up compromising and both sitting on it as a couch.  

The entire lounger deflates quickly when the end is unrolled.  It easily fits back into the small storage bag and is ready for the next time we need it. 

The AeroBon has been so handy and is very durable.  I am really impressed with the quality. You can purchase the AeroBon on Amazon HERE

I received this lounger at a discounted price.  My honest feedback is based on personal and very thorough testing.


James Andersson said...

Love it, just a question does your inflatable lounger leak air after a while? There is a common problem some manufacturer have that they slowly leak air just wanted to know if the one you got does that to. Thanks love the blog and have a greaty day! :)

Lisas FreeStuff said...

I haven't had any problem with this particular brand since I have had it. Only adults have used it. We remove the air after use. I would not recommend storing it inflated.