Arvika Picnic table mat Review #Handymat

Be Ready For A Picnic Anywhere
Sometimes you are ready for a picnic but the table is not clean.  The Arvika Picnic Table Mat is the perfect solution.
This is a set of two table mats.  They are plastic so they are waterproof and easy to clean. The mats measure 24" x 17" each and the two mats together only weigh 14 oz.  
 The mats fold in half for easy storage. I really like them for plates and silverware because not all picnic tables are as clean as we would like them to be.  Cold foods can also be placed on these mats. They are not designed for hot foods and are not suitable as a cutting board.  
Tablecloths are hard to keep on a table and are not waterproof.  I really like how handy these mats are.  I can just wipe them off when I am done and they will not fly off the table when it is windy.
I do not even need a table with these mats.  I can pull over anywhere and set them upon the grass which makes them perfect for a road trip.  These mats can be used for camping and take up very little room.  The Arvika picnic table mats have definitely simplified enjoying the outdoors.  

I received these picnic table mats at no cost or reduced price and my honest feedback is based on personal and thorough testing. #Handymat

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Brenda said...

I like things that clean easily and keep my food from having to be placed somewhere dirty. These mats look like something I would like. Thanks for the review.