Autobody Damage Detector #Gifts

See If Your Automobile 

Has Had Damage Repairs

You buy a car and wonder if it has the original paint and has ever had damage repair.  The Autobody Damage Detector Meter can give you the information you need.
A paint thickness test meter is a great tool to have, especially if you are buying or selling a vehicle.
I first tested our pickup that has had a number of repairs over the years.  In the areas that have the original paint, the meter showed green which is correct.  In the areas where repairs were made, the meter showed yellow which is also correct.
Our white SUV was purchased with what we thought was no damage.  In using the test meter it showed yellow all around the vehicle.  This means that it did not have the original paint.
It is so easy to use and the chart tells you everything you need to know. 

Our daughter will be buying a used car soon and I will definitely be taking this autobody damage detector to the car lot. No more guessing about the history of a vehicle. 

I received this meter at no cost and my honest feedback is based on personal and thorough testing.

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