Pickup Reaching Assist Tool Review #jackyled

Pickup Reaching Tool
The pickup reaching assist tool is very lightweight and easy to use.  I just squeeze the handle to operate the tool.  
I have trouble reaching things on high shelves and have used a reaching tool before.  After awhile they usually break, but I tend to be hard on them. This reaching tool is not strong enough to pick up anything other than very light objects.  

I decided it would be best used for light yard work and picking up small objects on the floor.  It does have a long handle so if I drop something behind or under furniture, I can retrieve it with the reaching tool.  
The grabber has deep groves to hold on to objects and can be turned in different directions. It does a good job holding on to light items. This would be a good product for someone in a nursing home or elderly at home.  For me, it was usable but not for what I had originally intended. 

I received this reaching assist tool at no cost or reduced price and my honest feedback is based on personal and thorough testing.  

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