Qunqi Flower Lens Hood Set + Center Pinch Lens Cap Review #TulipFlowerLensHoodSetforDSLR

Flower Lens Hoods Help Prevent 

Light Flares Or Glares On Images

The Qunqi Flower Lens Hood comes in different lens thread sizes. Most sizes are printed on the lens barrel at the front of the camera. I could not find mine so I contacted the seller. The number on my camera was actually printed at the beginning of the lens barrel. The number will have a 0 in front of it. 

This hood has threads and I just twist it until it locks in. It went on pretty easy. I used the filter on my granddaughter's camera. I am teaching her photography and this hood is a great way for her to learn about lighting.
The flower lens hood even comes with a lens cap that fits the hood. The cap has a handy strap so it does not get dropped or lost. 
There is also a soft cloth to help keep the lens clean. 
The Qunqi flower lens hood is priced low and great for a photographer on a budget.     

I received this lens hood at no cost and my honest feedback is based on personal and thorough testing.

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