Yuedge 5-Pack Men's Multi Performance Cushion Hiking Socks Review #5Packsocks

Looking For High Performance Socks?

My husband likes to go hiking but after awhile his feet hurt and he goes through a lot of socks.  The Yuedge men's crew sports socks are thick but very soft. They are so comfortable to wear.  
The toe end is smooth and there is no seem to rub your feet.  
I wore a pair to see how they feel and was very impressed.  My feet tend to sweat when I exercise but with these socks I did not feel any moisture. 
My husband and I have both worn high performance socks before, but I can honestly say that these have held up better and are more comfortable.  I really like the look of the socks as well.  
The height of the socks is just right for the outdoors and my feet do not feel restricted .  They held up well with washing.  These socks do what they were intended to do but are also comfortable which is a big plus.  
I thought all sport socks were the same, but the Yuedge men's outdoor sport crew socks definitely proved me wrong.  

I received these socks at a discounted cost and my honest feedback is based on personal and thorough testing.

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