3D Mural Wall Art Startonight Astronaut Cat Review #startonight

Cats In Space?

The Startonight Mural is an adorable mural of a cat in an astronaut helmet.  

This mural is actually a wallpaper mural that has texture with a 3D effect that flat murals do not have. 
The Startonight Astronaut Cat Mural even glows in the dark.  The mural has a cool soft glow which is really pretty.  To glow at night it does need a fairly bright light during the day.  I think that the border gives it a very unique look and makes the picture blend well on the wall.  
The mural is pretty big at 32.27 inches by 59.06 inches and is the main focal point of the spare bedroom set up for our granddaughter. It comes with wall paper paste but I opted not to use it so I could easily move it if I decided to put in on another wall.  I used poster sticky putty instead.  

My granddaughter loves the Startonight Astronaut Cat Mural and likes looking at it glow to help her get to sleep. Everyone needs a space cat!

I received this mural at no cost and my honest feedback is based on personal and thorough testing.

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