Car Trash Can by AVAROE Review #trashpod

No More Messy Car

Life is messy but your car does not have to be. The Avaroe Car Trash Can is large enough to hold 4 gallons of trash.  
This trash pod is fully lined and leak proof.  This prevents spills that would stain your upholstery. The liner can be turned inside out for easy cleaning.
There is a quick release buckle so it can be installed or released quickly. 
I really like the mesh pockets on the front and sides to help organize my car. 
The Avaroe car trash can can also be used to transport food since it has a waterproof lining. The top of the bag has strong Velcro so it can be closed tight.  With the large size, it would make a nice grocery bag.  This bag is very versatile and can be used for so many purposes.  It is made of 600D heavy duty fabric with a metal rim for durability.  The Avaroe trash can has helped keep my car clean and organized.  

I received trash pod for free or at a reduced price and my honest feedback is based on personal and thorough testing

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