Smarson 1080p Car Dash Video Camera Review With Videos #smarssen

Finally A Dash Cam That Is Portable 

And Easy To Use

I always thought a dash cam would be handy but I did not want to use an app. What I love about the Smarson 1080p Car Dash Video Camera is that there is no wiring and it records to a micro SD card. 

The Smarson camera has a strong suction cub to attach it to the windshield and keeps it steady. The video is very clear and can do wide angle or a narrower angle. The camera can even be reversed. I tested it on a bright sunny day and it was crystal clear. I also tested the camera right after a thunderstorm when it was rainy and dark outdoors. Even in light rain and cloudy skies, the recording was clear. This video shows the difference between bright sunlight and dark and rainy recording.
One of the best features is that  the camera has a setting where you can turn off the sound because I don't need my phone conversations recorded. 

The unit can be charged so you can use it without a cord. When I tested it fully charged it lasted about 30 minutes. I used a 64g SD card so it would record for a long time without having to remove the videos. This dash cam takes high quality videos and has all the features I have been looking for at a reasonable price. Whether you want it in case of a car accident to show how it happened or to record fun road trips, this camera is perfect.  You can always reverse the camera and do car karaoke! No matter what you use this camera for, the video will be clear.  I really love this little camera. The Smarson dash cam video can be purchased HERE.   

I received this camera at a discounted price and my honest feedback is based on personal and thorough testing.

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