Survival Hax Survival Shovel - Folding Shovel with Pick Axe, Saw, and Fire Starter #SurvivalHax

Looking For The Perfect 

Camping Or Emergency Tool?

Whether you're camping, backpacking or just need an emergency shovel in your vehicle, the Survival Hax Shovel with pickax and fire starter has what you need.
I love the compact size!  It is only 8.6 x 8.2 inches when collapsed and easily fits in my backpack.  
The entire shovel fits inside this heavy duty storage bag that is 9.8 x 7 inches and it is well protected.
When the shovel is unfolded, it is 2 feet long. The survival shovel only weighs 2 pounds so I do not even notice it when carrying my backpack.  
The handle is made of steel, solid and easy to hold on to.
The Survival Hax shovel is made of manganese steel with a rigidity rating of 42-46.  

It easily penetrates the dirt and is a perfect entrenching tool.
The pickax is a nice length at 16.9 inches and folds over the shovel when stored.  
The side of the shovel has a saw edge that helps to make kindling or cut away brush. 
The top of the handle opens and attached is a thick fire starter.  I really like this feature because it is handy and I can not lose the fire starter.  

The Survival Hax Survival Shovel has everything that I have been looking for.  It has been invaluable for hiking and camping. You can purchase this survival shovel. at 

I received this survival shovel at a discount and my honest feedback is based on personal and thorough testing.

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