Zento Deals 12V Portable Swing-out Handle Heater and Defroster Fan Video Review

Update: This product worked great for awhile and then suddenly quit working.  Do NOT purchase this!

Why Sit In A Freezing Car 

Waiting For It To Warm Up

In cold weather my car defroster takes forever to clear frost or even just warm up my car. With the Zento Deals 2 in 1 12V Portable Swing-out Handle Heater and Defroster Fan, I can heat the inside of my car quickly. With the handle, I can aim the heat directly to where I want it. This is very helpful to defrost side windows and send heat to the back of my car.
The Zentro heater and defroster fan is quick and easy to use. The listing says it is noiseless, but you can tell from the video that the unit I received is not.  The sound does not bother me as it is no louder than a blow drier.  

It has been unusually warm this fall, but one morning it was cold enough to test how well it heats.  Unfortunately, after that when I wanted to make a video it has been warm since.  On the coldest day, it heated the windshield pretty well.  I like that it is a 2 in 1 heater and defroster fan.  The Zento Deals fan can rotate 360 degrees so I can concentrate the heat anywhere and with the small size I can store it easily.  This little heater works with your car defroster to warm up your car faster. You can purchase the Zento Deals Portable Heater And Defroster HERE

I received this heater/defroster fan for free or at a reduced price and my honest feedback is based on personal and thorough testing.  

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