MTR LUX Bluetooth Sports Headphone Review #MTRLUX

Quick Charging Headphones 

With Amazing Sound

The MTR LUX Bluetooth Sports Headphones are my favorite headphones. These headphones are very comfortable and stay in place no matter how I move.   

The sound of the MTR LUX headphones is well blended, but I can still hear each instrument and voice.  For phone calls, the sound is equally clear with both incoming and outgoing calls.  
These Bluetooth headphones are lightweight.  The battery life is about 6-8 hours depending on if I am streaming music or talking on the phone. 
The charging port is easy to access.  The MTR LUX headphones charge quickly so I do not have to wait all day to use them.
A charging cord is included.  The ends are solid and insert securely in the headphones.   
To get a perfect fit, there is a set of different sized ear tips and fins.

MTR LUX is a company that also has a heart and gives back to those in need.  They donate a portion of the proceeds from each purchase to the hunger relief organization Feeding America!  By choosing to purchase a set of MTR LUX Bluetooth headphones you not only getting amazing headphones at an affordable price, you are also helping provide food for those in need.

You can purchase the MTR LUX Bluetooth Sports Headphones HERE.

I received these headphones for free or at a reduced price and my honest feedback is based on personal and thorough testing.

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