OxyLED LED Portable Star Pattern 3-D Lantern Review with video #OxyLED

Portable And Decorative Lantern
The OxyLED portable Lantern is a beautiful lantern with 3-D star lights.  
The OxyLED lantern uses stereoscopic technology to project a 3-D effect. There are three modes - on/off, warm white stars and colored stars.  
The top has a cut-out star design.  When the lamp is on, light will shine onto the ceiling and is just beautiful.  It is a nice size and runs on three AA batteries.  

I absolutely love this lamp. The OxyLED lantern would be perfect for holidays or even a wedding. You can purchase the OxyLED portable LED lantern HERE

I received this lantern at a reduced price and my honest feedback is based on personal and thorough testing.

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