Minimalist Magnetic Wallet review #Kinzd

Looking For a Minimalist Wallet That 

Will Not Fall Out Of Your Pocket?

There are times I just need to carry the bare minimum cash and cards in my wallet.  The Kinzd minimalist magnetic wallet holds just what I need.
The Kinzd minimalist wallet is stylish and has solid stitching. The wallet stays secure with a strong magnet.  My husband likes to use the magnetic clip on the outside of his pocket to keep the wallet from moving around.  It also makes it harder for someone to take the wallet out of his pocket without him knowing. The magnet will not affect cards with an IC chip.  
There are enough pockets that both men and women will love the Kindz wallet.  
The Kinzd minimalist magentic wallet comes in a sturdy gift box so it makes a perfect gift.  It is as functional as it is stylish.

You can purchase the Kinzd wallet at or on Amazon.

I received this product at a reduced price and my honest feedback is based on personal and thorough testing. #kinzd

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