AYY Sunrise/Sunset Simulation Alarm Clock Review With Video

Tired Of An Annoying Alarm Clock Buzzer In Your Ear?

I love waking up to sunshine, but you can not control what time you will see it or even if you will.  The AYY Sunrise/Sunset Simulation Alarm Clock lets you wake up to sunshine slowly at the time you set. You can even go to bed with simulated moonlight!  It is perfect for toddlers who wake up in the middle of the night and wonder if it is time to get up. They can just wait for the orange light to let them know it is morning. The alarm clock has nature sounds, 7 color light modes, FM radio, snooze button and USB charger. With the simulated sunrise and sunset it could possibly help with seasonal depression. I always have trouble in the winter with waking up to a dark bedroom and no sunshine in the morning.
The AYY sunrise/sunset simulation alarm clock is a relaxing way to wake up. With the FM radio and colored LED lights it is fun to use anytime.

You can purchase yours HERE.

I received this product at a reduced price and my honest feedback is based on personal and thorough testing. #AYY #alarmclock

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