Geartronics Digital Tire Inflator Pressure Gauge Review #geartronics

Tired Of Going Back And Forth From Your Compressor To Your Gauge?

When using a digital tire inflator, my husband usually has to go back and forth between the gauge and air compressor.  He was excited to try the all-in-one Geartronics Digital Tire Inflator Pressure Gauge.
My husband wanted a tire gauge he could read without having to take it off and on. The handle really makes it easy to use. Press half way and air releases. Press all the way to pump in air. The digital readout is easy to read with big numbers. With the press of a button, he can light up the display so it can be seen at night. 

The main thing for a meter is accuracy. My husband tested the gauge against a cheap gauge and it was off a little. When he tested it against a good gauge, it was right on the money. Everything fit as it should and stayed attached when using it. There is a thick rubber ring around the meter so if he drops it he knows it will not break. 

This gauge did everything we wanted it to do and has been very durable. Accurate air pressure is very important and with the Geartronics digital tire inflator we know it is perfect.  Fill your tires quickly and with the right amount of air every time.

I received this product at a reduced price and my honest feedback is based on personal and thorough testing. #geartronics

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