Dr. Oz Fan App Review

I am a a huge fan of Dr. Oz and was really excited to try to the Dr. Oz Fan App.  The download was simple and installed perfectly.  In each section you can easily scroll down the list to find what interests you.

Star War's Child's Costume Review

My grandson, Eddie loves Starwars.  He picked out the Star Trooper costume from the Wholesale Costume Club.  Eddie was so excited when he saw it, he could hardly wait to put it on.  After he picked it out online, he asked me every day if it had come in the mail.  The costume is a one piece white, black and gold strong fabric.

Tinkerbell Child's Costume Review

My granddaughter, Grace, who is in kindergarten, adores Tinkerbell.  I found the perfect Tinkerbell costume at the    Ordering online was so simple!  They have a large selection of costumes to choose from.  I especially love their kid's Disney selection.

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Hi Lisa, I'm with MBS also. Love this post. It's so hard trying to find the right costume for my this site. Plz follow back.