Star Wars Costume Review


Star War's Child's Costume Review

My grandson, Eddie loves Starwars.  He picked out the Star Trooper costume from the Wholesale Costume Club at  The Wholesale Costume Club.   Eddie was so excited when he saw it, he could hardly wait to put it on.  After he picked it out online, he asked me every day if it had come in the mail.  The costume is a one piece white, black and gold strong fabric.  I like that it has Velcro closings at the top and middle of the costume instead of ties.  Eddie is wearing a 12-14 which is for teen boys.  The mask is made of thick hard plastic with breathing holes in the front.  The back is open with an elastic band.  The band has a velcro closing.  The mask does press against the nose a little.  I was concerned that the white would show dirt easily, but it held up outside with no problems.  That is a big plus for boys.  Check out more Star Wars costumes HERE

Ordering online was so simple and shipping was fast!  Finding the correct size was easy.  They have a large selection of costumes and accessories to choose from.  I was impressed with the quality of the costume, especially for the low price.  Being a member of the Wholesale Costume Club has many benefits. Membership to the Wholesale Costume Club is only $5 for the year.  You do not have to be a member to order.  The prices are already below retail, so you save either way.  Most of the costumes found in stores are flimsy and tear easily.  These costumes are wonderful for Halloween or for just dress up.  Take a look at these cool, affordable accessories for the Storm Trooper costume.
Star Wars Storm Trooper Gloves
Storm Trooper Blasters

I especially love Halloween costumes at the Wholesale Costume Club.  I love this fun teen costume.  It is hard to find a costume that a teen will wear and for a good price.  The teen costumes sold in retail stores in October are expensive and barely make it through Halloween.  Because of the quality, you can hand it down to the next girl in the family or a friend.

Batgirl Costume for Teen

This is my favorite toddler costume.  I love princess costumes for little girls.  In most stores, this would cost a small fortune.  At Wholesale Halloween Costumes, you can afford to make your little girl a princess.  The best thing about this costume is that she can play in it whenever she wants to because of the quality of the materials used.

Toddler Sparkle Princess Costume

Get ready for Halloween and be able to have them play in their costume for the rest of the year. Costumes are a great source of creative play.  They get children up and moving and encourages imagination.  A costume party during the year would be so much fun.  Pick out your costumes today.  

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